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The family

The family

In San Lorenzo and the Dolomites, Garnì Lilly can be your base for visiting the prettiest villages in Italy in Trentino, San Lorenzo in Banale, Rango nel Bleggio, and Canale di Tenno. Enjoy a responsible, food and wine holiday seeking out traditional Trentino products, history, and rural architecture.

We start with a visit to the village of San Lorenzo on its sunny, green terrace facing the valley and overlooked by the Brenta Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is an old country village created by the fusion of seven hamlets: Berghi, Pergnano, Senaso, Dolaso, Prato, Prusa and Glolo.
Elio, the Papà
The father of the Bosetti family. An architect who, when deciding to build his own house thought, "Why not expand it and make space for guests who wish to get to know our Trentino?" This is where the idea for Garnì Lilly came from. His dream was to build a comfortable house for his own family and he created a comfortable house for many more people.
Lory, the Mamma
Mother of three children, she also mothers all the guests a bit. She captures them with her sweetness and with the sweetness of her breakfast cakes that she makes by hand every day.
Lilly, the littlest family member
For us she is still the "baby" but she is already at University. She gave our guesthouse its name, which she chose herself. Even when she is studying, in the morning she is happy to give Mamma Lory a hand with breakfast.
Fabrizio, the oldest son
An architect who followed in Papà Elio's footsteps. He works in the architecture studio in San Lorenzo in Banale and so he is a fixture at the guesthouse. He is there at breakfast and gives good advice to guests about beautiful paths for talking a walk.
Alberto, the second son
He earned his degree in Construction and Architecture. He understood what he wanted to do with his life only after experiencing what it meant to "welcome" and today he loves to welcome and manage the guesthouse.
Rufus, the four-legged family member
A Maremma shepherd and Husky mix. He was the last to join the family and is obviously the guesthouse mascot. He affectionately greets all guests.
from 273 euros pro person
From 15/06/2024 on 10/08/2024
The hidden place of Brenta Dolomites
Discover with us the Italian Alps UNESCO heritage.
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From 332 euros pro person
From 15/06/2024 on 10/08/2024
Between Molveno and Garda, tour of the Alpine lakes
In one holiday, 5 beautiful lakes, all to be discovered.
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From 29/03/2024 on 03/08/2024
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7 nights for the price of 6
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