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Well-being at Garnì Lilly

A day of wellness, in all respects

We would like to make your stay at Garnì Lilly a wellness holiday for all of your senses.
Unexpected flavours, unknown horizons, unusual fragrances, this is how we offer something truly different.

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The awakening

The awakening

In the morning it will be difficult to leave the softness of the comforter but it may be easier once you catch a whiff of Mamma Lory's cakes.

You'll place your feet on the wood floor and opening your eyes you will be blown away by the view of the valley and the mountains as you gaze out at nature.

No alarm clock woke you up, just the sound of silence that lulled you to sleep the night before.
Start the day

Start the day

At breakfast, while your taste buds rejoice in the flavours of the lovingly prepared traditional foods you can finally ask yourself, "What should I do today?" This is also what a holiday means. Alberto will be there to offer you advice if you'd like.

He will suggest a walk, a bicycle ride, or maybe even a hike up to a cabin with a picnic prepared by us.

You have the whole day ahead of you. We will give you advice on what to do, whether summer or winter, or you can just relax in our garden, on a deck chair or even a bale of hay!
If you would like to add a touch of class to your day, why not book a Shiatsu massage? This is also what a holiday means: a different touch, contact with expert hands that offer profound relaxation.
And then come back...

And then come back...

Whether you spent the day away from the hotel breathing in the fragrance of the woods or at the guesthouse, if you don't wish to go out for dinner we offer you a choice of cold dishes: salads, cold cuts, and cheeses. Something simple and wholesome, like our hospitality.

And after dinner? Feel at home with the family! In the winter you can read a book near the fire in the sitting room while sipping a tisane made with local herbs. In the summer spend the evening in the garden gazing skyward at the stars. Nights at Garnì Lilly are always the end of a special day.
from 123 euro pro person
From 05/09/2021 on 01/10/2021
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From 235 euros pro person
From 01/06/2021 on 03/10/2021
Between Molveno and Garda, tour of the Alpine lakes
In one holiday, 5 beautiful lakes, all to be discovered.
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from 195 euros pro person
From 01/06/2021 on 03/10/2021
The hidden place of Brenta Dolomites
Discover with us the Italian Alps UNESCO heritage.
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from 156 euros pro person
From 01/06/2021 on 03/10/2021
Alpine escape
Get lost in nature, to find yourself. Find how.
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