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Garnì Lilly, your B&B near Andalo

You are not in Andalo but in a typical Trentino guesthouse near Andalo

When you stay at Garnì Lilly you are 14 km from Andalo, the most well-known ski area in Paganella. Your holiday in a guesthouse in Andalo and the surrounding area is ideal. You have a place to sleep and have breakfast with typical local products and you are free to spend your days among the thousand possibilities offered in the area.
At Garnì Lilly you have an additional advantage of staying with a family, in an atmosphere where you will always feel at home.

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Andalo, what can you do in the summer? Just about anything!

Andalo, what can you do in the summer? Just about anything!

Andalo is synonymous with a Trentino family holiday thanks to the numerous activities created so children can have fun. But Andalo and the surrounding area is also the ideal spot for summer mountain holidays. Paganella and nearby Brenta are a unique area for excursions, equipped trails, and climbs for all levels. With the ski lifts that are also open in the summer, you can easily reach the most breathtaking panoramas in the Brenta Dolomites.
And if you are an expert mountaineer, the fame of Brenta and its peaks doesn't need any further comment!

Those who practice other sports or who would like to spend a relaxing day in a wellness centre don't need to wonder what to do. There is the Andalo Life Park, the sports and recreation centre just a short distance from the town centre, with 130,000 m2 of facilities for every sport along with pools and the AcquaIn wellness centre.
When you stay in our guesthouse, Andalo is just a short distance away. You can enjoy all of the services offered but enjoy the quiet and family atmosphere at Garnì Lilly.
Garnì Lilly, your winter B&B near Andalo

Garnì Lilly, your winter B&B near Andalo

What can you do in Andalo in the winter? Ski, ski, ski! But that's not all. You can also take a walk in the snow to reach one of the many refuges where you can taste traditional dishes like canederli in broth. It is a great way to spend your time.
50 km of ski trails, an 1100 metre drop, and 100% guaranteed snow cover make the Paganella Ski Area one of the best destinations for a white week in the Trentino mountains. When you stay at our guesthouse, Andalo becomes even more attractive in the winter. You are close enough to spend your days in the snow and far enough away to enjoy the quiet in a cosy atmosphere, where the mountain still smells of a wood fire and vin brulé.
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The hidden place of Brenta Dolomites
Discover with us the Italian Alps UNESCO heritage.
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Between Molveno and Garda, tour of the Alpine lakes
In one holiday, 5 beautiful lakes, all to be discovered.
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