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Mountain experiences

The Trentino mountain, reinvigorating holidays

Some choose mountain holidays in Trentino for sports, some because they don't like the beach, and some because they are looking to escape from city life.

Whatever your reason, if you choose this destination it is because you don't want to miss an important rendezvous...with yourself and with the people you love.

Garnì Lilly makes it possible. How?

Surrounded by nature: relaxing holidays are in the mountains

It is now well-known that being surrounded by nature, taking walks in it or merely thinking about it automatically creates a state of relaxation. During your holiday in the Trentino mountains, it will be automatic, within even asking for it. Rhythms slow down and worries drift away leaving room for small pleasures: a freshly baked cake, the colours of the trees in the different seasons, the water of the lake buffeted by the wind, the cheerfulness of a town festival.

Being human: in the Trentino mountains in a family hotel

At Garnì Lilly we will show you a Trentino that you may have never seen before. The Trentino of a small mountain town that is inhabited year-round and not merely a tourist destination in the summer and winter months. It is a town enlivened by people whose personal relationships are the region's primary value. Our guesthouse reflect this. We are a family and we welcome you as one of us.
from 273 euros pro person
From 15/06/2024 on 10/08/2024
The hidden place of Brenta Dolomites
Discover with us the Italian Alps UNESCO heritage.
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From 332 euros pro person
From 15/06/2024 on 10/08/2024
Between Molveno and Garda, tour of the Alpine lakes
In one holiday, 5 beautiful lakes, all to be discovered.
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from 276 euro pro person
From 29/03/2024 on 03/08/2024
7 for the price of 6
7 nights for the price of 6
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From 29/03/2024 on 06/01/2025
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Via ferrata delle Aquile in Paganella
The mountain hides unexpected paths. it is up to us to discover them. Discover more.
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