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The family expands and becomes a guesthouse. In Trentino.

What is our secret for making you feel at home at our guesthouse in Trentino?
Simple: we are not a family of hoteliers but we have chosen to share with others the things we love. Our house, our mountains, and Mamma Lory's cakes.

A guesthouse in Trentino: we'll explain what it is and why you should choose it!

A guesthouse is a hotel with B&B service and common areas. But the Lilly guesthouse in Trentino is much more. We are a family and we welcome you as if you were one of us, offering the best services and opportunities for your holiday.

Our guesthouse is the ideal starting point to discover the Brenta Dolomites. It is a welcoming, intimate location to start from in the morning after a good breakfast and to return to in the evening for some rest after having explored the best of our Trentino region.

Garnì Lilly: our history

The history of this small guesthouse at the foot of the Brenta Dolomites started in the beginning of the 2000s when we decided to build our home and Papà Elio, an architect, proposed making a house for an expanded family. The name of the guesthouse comes from Liliana, or Lilly, the youngest in the family.

And that's how, in 2005, Mamma Lory evolved from a mother with three children into a mother for all of the guests who started to arrive, attracted by the idea of a vacation in a guesthouse just a short distance from Molveno and Andalo, two of the most beautiful locations in the Brenta Dolomites.

With his architectural taste, Elio took care of every detail, and not just "as if it were his own home". This really is his own home, the home of the Bosetti family that is open to new guests!

As the activity grows, so do their sons, Fabrizio and Alberto. After earning his degree in Construction Engineering and Architecture, Alberto spent a summer working at the guesthouse and understood his true vocation: pampering others.

So in 2016 he chose to dedicate himself completely to hospitality and took over management of the Lilly guesthouse.

At Garnì Lilly we will tell you about our Trentino!

You can learn about Trentino staying at our guesthouse. You can savour the breakfasts prepared by Mamma Lory and have Fabrizio, who works as an architect but still comes to the guesthouse every morning to chat with the family, suggest a path to walk or have Papà Elio tell you about the beautiful things in the region.

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The hidden place of Brenta Dolomites
Discover with us the Italian Alps UNESCO heritage.
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