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Food festivals in Trentino: get to know our area through its flavours

Some visit on foot and some with their palate! Trentino is the land of food festivals where typical products are celebrated that fill the calendar depending upon the season. Summer is the time for honey and autumn for potatoes, walnuts, and ciuìga, to mention a few. Spending your holiday at Garnì Lilly during one of these festivals is another way to get to know Trentino, starting with your taste buds!

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Summer: a time for festivals in Trentino

Summer: a time for festivals in Trentino

In August, the Comano Parco delle Terme hosts the honey and herb festival, a sweet appointment for tastings and workshops for young and old with the beautiful backdrop of the Parco delle Terme.
The end of summer is the time for the desmontegada, the time when the animals come back after spending the summer in the Alps. A true traditional festival, with the parade of the animals, music, dancing, and cooking. The desmontegada is a tradition throughout Trentino, but if you are our guest, we recommend the Desmontegada de Stabio in Bleggio. Obviously, it will be the opportunity to taste the best Trentino cheeses!
Autumn, the triumph of flavours: the best festivals and sagras dedicated to typical Trentino products

Autumn, the triumph of flavours: the best festivals and sagras dedicated to typical Trentino products

In autumn Trentino is full of festivals: the famous Bleggio potatoes are celebrated in October, a good opportunity for visiting the beautiful villages of Lomaso and the Fiavè Pile-Dwelling Museum, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. After the potato festival is the ciuìga festival, the traditional San Lorenzo in Banale salami recognized as a Slow Food Presidium. The autumn festivals in this part of Trentino end with the Walnut Festival. This typical product from the sunny Bleggio plateau is still harvested by hand and celebrated at the beginning of November.
Sunrises in the pasture, another type of festival, also in Trentino!

Sunrises in the pasture, another type of festival, also in Trentino!

They are not food festivals, but still celebration times in Trentino. We are talking about sunrises in the pastures, a wonderful opportunity to learn about the work in the dairy, drink fresh milk, and taste a typical breakfast while watching the sun rise behind the mountain. There are many dairies that belong to the program and we are happy to recommend the closest one to Garnì Lilly where you can savour this new experience.

August 15 at Lago di Molveno: a festival on the prettiest lake in Trentino

According to tradition, on August 15 at Lago di Molveno the day is spent on the beach, possibly with a picnic, waiting for evening when the fireworks will light up the lake and the majestic profile of the Brenta Dolomites.

Trentino Food Festival: the festival of festivals in Trentino

Don't want to miss any of the festivals in Trentino celebrated typical products? There is the Trentino Food Festival that from the end of August until the beginning of November takes you through the traditions and flavours of the Brenta Dolomites. For more information, visit www.trentinofoodfestival.it.
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